Revolution Staff...minus Lane Cuthbert!

This weekend, along with the rest of the Revolution Staff, I will be heading over to Puyallup, Washington for the United Generations Conference 2011. I’ve been anticipating this trip for a few weeks now and am so excited that it’s finally here! I have never been to this particular conference before but I’ve heard a lot of great things. Besides the UG Pastor Chad Veach, I have had the privilege of hearing from the guest speakers for this weekend at other events. In fact, we just had Rich and Dawn Chere Wilkerson here for our Revolution Conference which happens every February. So I know its going to be a super impacting and refreshing time for me in God’s Word. I love being inspired by others bold faith and life testimonies and just the community of people filled with passionate love for God that comes from attending conferences like these.
Along with being challenged in the Word, I am also excited to just hang out with our team! The past couple of years we have had a number of changes and new staff come on board, and there hasn’t really been an oppurtunity for us to just chill and spend some quality time together. Mind you, we see each other almost everyday and have a lot of good laughs in our office along with me ducking as Jason throws something to or at me over the wall dividers between our desks. But we are usually busy working on our Revolution services or for me running back and forth to our Interns portable to bring announcements or to introduce a guest speaker, to have that good ol’ quality bonding time. Yes sounds a little cheesy but call it like it is, right?
So, our agenda for the weekend is the following:

  • Have many memorable moments roadtripping it to and from the conference
  • Sit in on all the main sessions and maybe a few workshops
  • Go shopping! Woot woot!
  • Dine at The Cheesecake Factory. yum.
  • Hopefully our Hotel has a pool and hot tub, because our group will definitely take advantage of that!
  • Make new friends and build connections with awesome men and woman of God from around the world
  • Oh and have lots of fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun,fun

I hope you have an equally great weekend!

Peace, Yo.