Before and After Desk

As I mentioned before in this post, I found this beauty of a desk at MCC which is a second-hand store in Abbotsford. When I shop at thrift stores I kind of feel like I am on an Ugly Duckling Search and Rescue” mission. I can scan the store and sift through the mass of “Long Goners” and “Never Should Have Been Manufactured” merchandise to find such pieces as this desk.

Having the “Vision” for a piece is really only half of the journey and one that I do not lack in. I do however have some issues actually following through with the completion part. This is where my friend Deanne came in.

On a warm and sunny August day, Deanne and I spread out a couple of drop sheets in my backyard and got to work. First we sanded like crazy until we were covered in dust, then we coated our “projects” with a white primer. Using a sponge roller brush is key because it won’t leave any streaks. While letting that coat dry, we wiped off the sweat from our….well everywhere and relocated to my cool kitchen to enjoy some ice tea or maybe it was water? Hmm that’s what you get when you blog about something that happened 8 months ago! Either way, we enjoyed a cool down before going at it again in the noon day sun. We then proceeded to add two coats(letting it dry between each) of white paint. At this point Deanne had to carry on with the other tasks of her day and with a “You can do it!” motivational charge, she said goodbye.

I then grabbed my sandpaper and hammer and began to distress my desk with one little scratch at a time. The key is to start where natural wear would occur like the corners and edges and then build up from there. If you end up “aging” it a little more than you like, you can always repaint that section and start over. πŸ™‚ Yay, I love when projects give you that freedom!

So after I was satisfied with the look of my desk, I wiped off all the dust(there will be a lot!) and filled the holes from the previous drawer handles with wood filler. My handy friend Ryan came over and drilled new holes for me to screw in my vintage drawer pulls also purchased at MCC.

Now I know you are probably thinking “For real?? You don’t know how to use an electric drill??” and the correct answer to that is …well I half know how. I purchased one from Army and Navy thinking “Sweet, now I can do all the home improvement projects I want!” not realizing that you kind of need to know what all the pieces do and what piece is used for which project. Soon after I took the drill home, I lost the piece that you need to add the drill bit into the drill and have not used it since. Hence the call to my handy friend Ryan, who saved the day!

This desk is currently residing in my front entrance for all to see and enjoy as they enter my home. On occasion, it is also known for holding plenty of not so pretty things like junk mail, cups, lunch containers and pretty much anything else that a house of 5 girls would conveniently place and forget there. But no one needs to know that, right? πŸ˜‰

If you have any questions or suggestions for your own “Ugly Duckling” project, please leave me a comment and I would LOVE to help inspire some vision for you!