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Yipee! Time for another one of my “L is for Lovely” posts! And what with this crazy beautiful weather we’ve been having, I think its only fitting to share with you one of my favorite things…..


I mean really, what isn’t there to love about picnics?(ok, minus all the bugs!):

Cute and cozy blankets, a thoughtful feast all planned out ahead of time that you get to just sit and enjoy, perhaps a few vases of fresh flowers picked up along the way and some good ol’ fashioned quality time with the one/ones you love.

There is something so special about the moments where you can just sit and enjoy the weather and the quiet and relaxed environment without having to worry about the next thing coming up.

I love planning for those moments. Sometimes we might feel guilty for “planning” those organic, spontaneous moments of bliss as if its less authentic or something. But when you know you have done all the prep work and have put thought into something, for me anyways, it’s just nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruit of my labour. It’s usually always more rewarding than I think and I think that is because of the people who make those “planned” moments come alive. You can spend time thinking through all the little details and adding touches of thought and care here and there but because each person was created so uniquely, you can never really know how much fun you are really going to have!

Speaking of planning for those moments, this past Saturday my wonderful boyfriend Warren and I went to Barnston Island, which is located on the Fraser River in between Surrey and Pitt Meadows, for a bike ride and picnic. It was so much fun! The weather was beautiful and I especially loved riding past all the farms and their cute houses! There is a little park area where you can pull off to, park your bike and then head down to the river to enjoy the view. We found a grassy spot to lay out our blanket on and then we just sat back, ate our lunch and ahhhhhhhh relaxed. It. was. amazing. No time limit at all just getting to enjoy the moment. Even though it was planned ahead of time, it was still so special.

I am hoping to squeeze in one more picnic day before this amazing weather leaves us! Besides, I have a super cute picnic basket that I picked up last summer at a thrift store that I am dying to use!

Here are some photo’s that I will be using for inspiration to make our next picnic date just as special!




This next picture is actually a wedding but picnic style! What the heck-so cute! Make sure you click the link below the photo to check out the rest of the pictures from this couples special day. I’ve seen a lot of creative and indie weddings before but I think this one is my fav!


I hope you find time to enjoy a picnic day before Autumn officially arrives…but if you are anything like me, the Fall would be just as beautiful as a setting as Summer!