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I mentioned a little while ago that I was going to be starting a new series called “L is for Lovely” where I would post about things, people or places that I find lovely. Well, I’m excited to finally share with you the first “lovely” thing on my list 🙂

For people who are on the search for a new home there is usually something that is a make or break feature in deciding which home is for them. For example,  I would guess that most people would choose the kitchen or the bathroom as their deciding factor. Or perhaps if you own a dog or two you’re gonna want something with a decent backyard to unleash(hehe love play on words!) all of that energy into and not your newly decorated living room!

After years of watching HGTV, collecting piles of home decor magazines and even working in the industry, I have come to the realization that there is something else that causes my heart to skip a beat. And that something else is none other than….

Laundry/Mud Rooms!

You just can’t beat having a room that is so functional and organized and if you’re anything like me, just as aesthetically pleasing as you would want your living room to be.

I am all about the feel and look of a room. It needs to be inspiring and create a sense of desire for the task at hand when you walk in. Just as you would want an office to be clutter free and organized accordingly, I believe this same “rule” needs to be applied to each room in your home.

This is how I would want my Dream Laundry Room to look like:

  • Stacked front-loading washer and dryer
  • a long counter space for folding etc.
  • Clear glass jars to hold laundry soap, clothes pins, dryer sheets and any other laundry necessities
  • a drying rack
  • a deep sink for soaking
  • cupboards to hide the less attractive supplies
  • Open shelving to display the pretty things 🙂 Like an antique washboard and all the glass jars filled with soaps etc.
  • Fun vintage curtains (Floral of course)

Obviously you have to start somewhere and you might not get your dream laundry room right away, but there are some simple things you can do to take a step in that direction.

How about painting the walls a colour that you just love? Or incorporating some of your favorite things into the decor? Even something as simple as hanging new curtains(if you have a window that is!) in a fun pattern will help create that sense of enjoyment every time you’re switching a load. And let’s be real, we all have laundry to do so we might as well enjoy the time we spend in there!

I hope you enjoy just some of the laundry rooms that I find inspiring and let me know what your “it” room is!