Joshua and Amy- Engagement Photo's taken by Leigh Culpin

On February 12, 2011 my little brother Joshua

marred his longtime sweetheart Amy.

It really was a beautiful thing to a part of and I certainly did my fair share of crying!  I think I cried for many reasons, but for the most part I was just genuinely happy for Jotty-Wotty(a nickname for him if you didn’t guess) and Amy.

They had waited, well he had waited for so long to finally be with her due to different circumstances that they needed to honor. And now the day had come when they could publicly declare their love and commitment to each other for the rest of their lives.

Amy was so excited during the ceremony, you could see it on her face and in her little giddy dance moves that peeked through every now and again. You know the kind when you literally can’t stand still because the excitement is about to burst at the seams? Yup. That’s what it reminded me of.

It was inspiring to hear her vow to Joshua that she will submit to him and love him and honor him for the rest of her life. She cried a little as she said it but it only added to the beauty of her heart. She gets it. She is EXCITED and HONORED to be the “fit helper” (Genesis 2:18) for Joshua.

Being someones helper isnt degrading or belittling because both roles are needed. One compliments and enhances the other.

I truly believe that when you decide to value and pursue with excellence the role(employee, leader, parent, child, wife, husband etc.) that God has placed you in, it calls it out and sets the stage for others to do the same. It’s like an invitation to be who God created you to be.

We all know that you can’t change someone just because you want to, it has to be their choice.

But don’t forget that you have a choice over your life. YOU can choose to walk in your convictions and in doing that seeing others around you  accept the invitation to do likewise in their own lives. I believe Josh and Amy set the stage wonderfully for many of the young, single hopefuls in the pews as well as stirred up a new passion and conviction in those already married.

Joshua LOVES Amy and Amy LOVES Joshua.

And I am looking forward to supporting them and walking with them as they live out this life long commitment.

Family is a really wonderful thing and I love that our’s has now grown and been enhanced by Amy Rose Raymond.