I am such a dreamer.

I have this tendency to imagine what something could look like.  Could feel like.

So naturally, because Christmas is my favorite season(well truth be told it’s tied with Autumn) I can’t help but imagine about what a Cozy Christmas Morning would look like.

I totally know that not everything has to be picture perfect and that mostly things don’t end up turning out that way. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with desiring to make these moments in our lives special. For me, my dreams are like an “inspiration board” filled with all sorts of things that I would like to aim towards making  reality.

However, life happens sometimes and you don’t get to see your plan through.

I have become totally ok with that. But trust me, its come through lots of practice!

So to be true to who I am, I want to share with you some aspects of what a Cozy Christmas Morning would look like to me… 

  1. a real tree decorated with white lights and a mix of sentimental and handmade ornaments
  2. a stone wood burning fireplace
  3. comfy seating
  4. a special traditional family breakfast before presents
  5. snow outside(12 days left to dream!)
  6. and of course one day my very own family to share it with


Here is a photo for you to enjoy with some notes from me about why I think its lovely!

Country Living Magazine

There are so many things that I love about this picture.

The white slip covered furniture add a nice light crispness to the more rustic elements in the room like the exposed wood ceiling beams, the stone wood burning fireplace and the gorgeous wide plank wood floors.

The only thing I would change is the silver christmas tree. To me, there is nothing like a classic balsam fir tree.

I imagine that there is a large window on the wall opposite of the fireplace because it looks like there is so much natural light pouring into this room! It could also be that there is plenty of snow outside which makes everything much brighter.

Don’t you love that about snow? It’s so refreshing and makes everything feel “alive”.

On that dreamy note, I can’t wait to hear about what your picture of a Cozy Christmas Morning looks like!