I’m hoping it snows soon.

The promise of “the coldest/worst winter in 50 yrs” is losing its likelihood. I’m sure im just jumping ahead of myself here because technically it’s not even winter yet here in B.C but if we don’t have it for Christmas than

whats the point?

I did enjoy our first snowfall back in November, but assuming that there was plenty more to come I didn’t take full advantage of its loveliness.

 Now I wish I would have.

 You know,

 gone sledding,

 made a snowman/snow angels,

 go for plenty of walks in the brisk air only to be welcomed home by a warm cup of hot chocolate.

 Those sort of things.

 But I will put away my “if only” attitude and look on the bright side! One of them being that I now have more time to shop for some winter boots.

 Wet feet are the WORST.

I’m sure you would agee.
I leave you with this wonderful clip from a classic Christmas movie.

I still have 13 days left to dream…