Dear Friends,
I would just like to take this moment to tell of the faithfulness of our God. This summer has been a little bit of a roller coaster in regards to change with our house. You think you have one plan all together and then one minor things changes…then another minor thing changes…then a MAJOR thing changes and now all of a sudden i am looking into this next season and it looks COMPLETELY different then when it did back in June. Well not completely….one thing never changed. And that is the fact that God is still with me. And He STILL has the best in store for me. This season in my life has been one of those times where you actually need to trust in God.
Which is quite a funny thing because we actually ALWAYS need to trust in Him, but we sometimes forget that and think that we can “manage” on our own. “Oh, don’t worry God(as if He worries about anything!) I’ve got this under control. I can do it on my own strength”. I have come to understand that I am nothing without the Lord and apart from Him, I can no nothing nor can I bear any fruit (You should read John 14:1-11). I am a person who loves changes…on my own time and stemming from my own ideas. Take the decor in my house for example. In the year that I have lived here, there have been at LEAST 20 different “switch ups”. It is pretty much always to create a more functional space or a better looking one but none the less, a change. The type of change where it has me “worried” would be the kind that I am not prepared for. I find it important for me to process things and make the “switch” in my mind before I can jump right in. Last night at Tues@Trinity, Pastor Justin talked about this. God is in the business of change. He is constantly leading us into righteousness and pointing out things in our lives that need a little tweaking or sometimes a gut job. It is ALWAYS for our good. Thank you Lord! Through this time of uncertainty with our house and who is going to live here and what it going to look like, God has been telling me all along that He is faithful to provide and that He WILL do it. It’s a really fun thing for me to not be in the “worry boat” but
to actually just trust that God will do what he says he will do and I need to continue asking and trusting and resting in the fact that he is SO Faithful!.
I know that I can accept change and not be feel like I’ve had the carpet ripped out from under me whether it was a “planned” change or not because He is the one who will always remain faithful. His Love IS our anchor.