Hello again Dear Friends,
On this fine Wednesday evening I find myself sitting on my big and cozy chair that I found at a garage sale a few weeks ago for…and you won’t believe this but I found it for the total of $38! Well, actually it was FIRST priced at the hefty but still a steal of a deal amount of $50. But upon the mentioning of knowing his wife(who was not there at the time of course because like every other lover of all things good-looking was out perusing the other neighborly garage sales that were happening) he said that this was not at all a firm price but most definitely up for some good ol’ negotiating. Well! You better bet your hard-earned dollar that I pulled out that slighty dusty and timid negotiating skill of mine (Dad, you would have been proud!) and offered the respectable amount (I was hoping!) of $38. Unfortunately it came with a fire truck red corduroy slipcover but as you will soon find out about moi is that I can spot potential a mile-maybe even a half- away so when everyone else is thinking what in the world is SHE thinking, I am envisioning it in a slightly off-white new slipcover imported from its homeland nestled all nice and cozy like in my reading/sitting room with the pillow that was destined to sit atop it just waiting to host one of its owners or guests with a nice book or laptop (in my current case). So here I am, sitting in my sitting room(where else of course?) here at the Eastleigh Inn, listening for the first time to Barbara Streisand’s “Song Bird” record (which I now decided I like the record title more than I like the record) on my record player that my dad purchased for me in my 12th year of High School. More stories of my skilled-bargain finder Dad to come, I promise!
So anyways, assuming you are wondering why this post is titled what it is when I haven’t even mentioned eggs yet, I will get to my original point. I thought to myself today “I would really like an egg salad sandwich. Not only would I like a sandwich but I would also really like to know how to make a perfect soft-boiled egg”. Mikaela Ruth once posted this music video on her site that I instantly fell in love with and ever since I have thought of how lovely it would be if I knew how to make a yummy soft-boiled egg breakfast like the one in the video.
My solution? I called up my Mom. Moms always know more than you give them credit for.
So not only will the residents of Eastleigh Inn now enjoy egg salad sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, but we will be throwing a soft-boiled egg into our regular Thursday Morning Breakfast mix.
Oh and in case YOU don’t know AND your Mom doesn’t know, here is how you boil eggs. πŸ™‚