I had a really fun time talking with all of the different venders at the Jam in Jubilee in Abbotsford tonight. There were three bands playing tonight and while they were enjoyable, something more attractive grabbed my attention. It was so inspiring to see an assortment of crafters selling their creations! Carmen West was selling her very own hand-made headbands, necklaces and russian dolls! I bought a really beautiful floral watercolor painting from Jenn Skillen that is going to look just lovely at the Eastleigh Inn(my home). Right next to her is where I found the cutest magnets and pins made by Bethany Klassen. I could have bought them all but sadly I only brought $5 with me and well to be fair I saw the painting first. But not to worry I said to myself because the Jam in Jubilee will be happening for the next 5 weeks. My opinion is that everyone should make an effort to check out this really cool event. I truly wish I didn’t have to butcher their products by the pictures I took with my Blackberry, but I had nothing else! Soon, I’m hoping, I will be able to post some pictures from my own camera. Not even two months ago would you have heard me say that, but the thing is, I have been inspired lately to start sharing my creative ideas with the world. So dear friends, please be patient until that time comes!
And who knows, maybe in the near future I will be sporting some of my own One of a Kind creations at the Jam in Jubilee.

Felting Booth


the Orange Circle by Bethany Klassen

carmen.west creative

A few of the headbands made by carmen.west creative


Water color painting by Jenn Skillen