Hi dear friends,
I would like to start out by saying I have had a very enjoyable day. I woke up at a the decent hour of 9am, made my bed(which I do now. Yeah thumbs up for me!!) and got ready for work. I think I do well with timelines because I needed to leave the office at 12:30 for a Tupperware pool party in Abbotsford and I had lots of things to get done before I left. and guess what? I got them all done! Except now there are five new things on my whiteboard to do list. But this is totally ok with me because I LOVE to-do lists. and timelines. I can certainly be self motivated but in order toΒ keep myself motivated I need little things like time lines and to-do lists and nice looking decor to keep me inspired to get things done. Are you one of those people who need your work enviromentΒ to look and feel good before you can think clearly too? You wouldn’t really know it looking at my room or my desk on the best of days, but I really do enjoy a nice looking and organized workspace. Just as long as it has some sort of order that makes sense to me then I am good to go. But I would like to say that I AM working very hard to break the unfortunate habit of being untidy. I truly don’t like it and know I would feel much better if I just spent those 2 hours cleaning my room(which is usually how long it takes me because I leave it for so long).Knowing that my bed is all nicely made with decorative pillows and all, puts my mind at ease for the rest of the day. It’s a little reminder that I CAN get things accomplished with a bit of effort.

That is why my dear friends, I am making my bed every morning. It truly does make a difference. One fitted bed sheet and fluffed pillow at a time.

Now that I have made my bed, it is time to lie in it, good night πŸ™‚