I’ve been pondering this thought of having my very own blog for quite sometime now. When I was younger, I would have eaten this up. A chance to share my thoughts and opinions for all to see, a place to exercise my writing skills and creativity. But in recent years,  I have found it quite challenging to get my thoughts onto paper and would much rather engage in an oral conversation rather than one over email or chat. However, if you know me at all, you know that I love an oppurtunity to turn a fear or intimidation into a reason to praise God, because it is Him who strengthens me and gives me grace to carry out that which He has placed before me.  I feel inspired to excel and do my best in the things I put my hands to.

 My hope for this wonderful new and bare blog of mine is this:

  • To have a place in which I can share my creative ideas
  • To inspire those who, like me, love seeing the potential in all things
  • To encourage you with the in’s and out’s of my full life
  • To overcome the thought that writing was  a thing of the past for me
  • To have lots and lots of fun!

So, dear friends here I go!